The importance of Website Backups

The importance of Website Backups

So why bother to back up your WordPress website? We the answer lies in the many reasons people have home insurance, they have spent tens of thousands of pounds on their beautiful home. Then out of the blue along comes a criminal piece of scum who takes it upon themselves to carry a crowbar to your rear kitchen door, breaking both the door, the door frame and the lock.

Upon entry the burglar ransacks your valuables searches through your wife’s top draws, taking trophies, jewellery cash electronics etc. Your return home later that night to discover your lovely home in tatters. If you did not have home insurance, you would have to add insult to injury by forking out of your pocket to replace the door frame, pay for a locksmith (at their rip off prices) and go thru the stress or buying replacement items that were taken. That’s why insurance is a good idea it’s a sensible ‘just in case’ policy.

Your WordPress website is a double-edged sword while being free and relatively easy to build its open-source coding is vulnerable to malicious attack.

Believe it or not, the are scripts of code floating around the internet scanning for WordPress websites.

Once found it will try to login to your site using common login usernames and passwords such as ‘admin’ with a password of ‘admin123’.

once in the code will destroy your site or worse allow the hacker to change the images of your site to perhaps pornographic, instantly causing offence to all you visitors. Thus destroying your business reputation, it is a very wise WordPress owner to enrol the services of professional website services company to increase the security of your valuable site.

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